Jack McNeil

“How We Won”

Welcome to “In Session,” a podcast hosted and moderated by Illinois Senate Democrats. The first episode, featuring Senate President Don Harmon, along with Senators Dave Koehler and Karina Villa, is called “How We Won.” The episodes includes discussion about how ISDF retained its seats and win a new seat in the November 2020 cycle and …

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This Labor Day

By: Senate President Don Harmon    From Chicago to Cairo and everywhere in between, Illinois is the proverbial heart of the Labor movement. This state’s impact on labor compares to no other. Our past is replete with world famous names that any student of Labor history will know even today. Haymarket. Pullman. Mother Jones. Herrin. …

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60 Days

60 Days. Two months. That’s it.  Election Day is November 3rd, but 1.3 million Illinoisans have already requested their vote by mail application. That is record breaking stuff, and you should be apart of it. Our democracy only works when people take part in it — and not just vote, but volunteer, donate, and ask questions to your …

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